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We need to make our flooring safe to reduce any chance of slips and trips. Wooden floors are generally not slippery unless they have a glossy finish. If this is the case, consider stripping and recoating them with a matte finish.

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Floors are only slippery when you wet them, so it is useful to have rugs with non-slip pads in areas where there is a lot of traffic. Always have non-slip doormats at each entrance, allowing people to wipe their feet upon entering the house. This stops the floors from getting wet and dirty and also keeps your shoes nice and dry. Non-slip pads are useful for the kitchen sink to keep the floor dry and safe.


Keep your floors clean and dry, wiping up any spills straight away to avoid any accidents. If you are not sure what cleaning agent to use, mix one part vinegar and two parts water. You will find that this solution will remove any oily residue.

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There are lots of varieties of laminate flooring on the market, from wooden to black laminate flooring like that at Check which cleaning products are required when purchasing your flooring.


Most laminate flooring has a non-slippery surface. However, if you clean the floor with the wrong cleaner, you could leave an oily coating or dangerous film. Be mindful of what detergent you use and check whether it is suitable for laminate flooring; oil soap is only suitable for cleaning real wooden floors.
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